Why You Should Learn To Play A Musical Instrument

1Can you actually imagine your life without music?

For some, it can be impossible. Music is inherently wired into our brain, hence the goose bumps we get when we listen to music we really like.

Even though everyone enjoys good music, not many of those singers are actually musicians—many of them don’t know how to play an instrument.

Learning to play is more than just about creating original music; there’s a variety of other reasons why I recommend everyone should learn to play an instrument:

It Helps Relieve Stress

A large number of research studies exploring the benefits of music have concluded that playing an instrument daily can alleviate stress levels dramatically.

Once you find an instrument you really like, you will notice that practicing daily helps you maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and heart rate, giving you a relaxing feeling.

Unlike many other things you use to alleviate stress—like binge eating, watching TV—playing an instrument regularly helps you feel more alive. It also gives you opportunities to connect with others.

It Makes You Smarter

2People who have been given dedicated music education in their early stages of life also tend to be smarter than others.

Many research studies have concluded that children who learn to play an instrument do better in academics. It actually helps boost abstract reasoning abilities and skills required to learn science and math.

It Improve Your Social Life

Believe it or not, music helps you connect with others unlike any other approach. You get to meet like minded individuals who either like playing the same instrument or simply want to hear you play.

Children who take up music classes at a young age are more likely to be better at life skills and while working in teams.

It Builds Confidence

Once you are aware that you can play an instrument flawlessly, it adds a good dose of confidence towards this particular skill.

Adults and children both can benefit from the confidence boost. It works by gradually accepting the idea that if they learn a skill by themselves they can continue to get better at it every day. This inevitably applies in other aspects of their lives as well.

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