Spice Up Your Cover Songs With These Tips

1As musicians, singers and songwriters we are all naturally music fans ourselves.

Therefore, we inherently enjoy covering songs from our favorite artists. However, even when it comes to covers, if you can’t do justice to it, don’t do it.

No one is going to be raving about the average Bob Dylan cover they heard at their local coffee shop.

If you really like a song and have the cover basics ready, here are a few tips that can add that much needed spice:

Switch The Instrumentation

This is basically a no-brainer and works almost every time. Try turning your favorite song into its acoustic version.

The simple change can make a huge difference. If you are a seasoned songwriter, try playing around with the lyrics. Also remember that a simple change of instrumentation can also alter the genre dramatically—which can be really cool, if done right.

Try Adjusting The Key

Some songs can turn out brilliant when put in a completely different key. Try to play around with the key and you will be surprised at the results you get. Who knows, a simple change here could turn your cover song into a major hit.

Play Around With The Melody

You don’t want to go overboard with your liberties by altering the melody of a song you didn’t write. You may make it completely unrecognizable, or even worse, ruin a perfect original.

Make smaller changes to the way it is sung and listeners will love the refreshing feeling you just added to it. Love a song? Listen to the original. Then listen to it being performed in a live concert; notice the minor changes?

Readjust The Vocals

If you are a seasoned singer, try re-harmonizing the vocal arrangement of the song. With some harmony line adjustments and addition or subtraction of vocals, you could completely change the feel of the song. Simple chord changes could put a whole new spin to the original.

Why Not Make It A Medley?

Music fans love a flawless medley and that is a good way to come up with a never before done cover. Find songs that are from the same artist and preferably the same style. Remember to steer clear of clichéd or corny medley songs.

Regardless of your approach, don’t forget to ask yourself what it really is that is going to give your cover song the right amount of views.

Looking for inspiration? As a folk ballads musician in Nevada, I have come up with plenty of cover songs that you can check out on my YouTube page! Don’t forget to drop your feedback!

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