5 Great Bob Dylan Songs You Should Listen!

Not many artists have been as successful or significant as Bob Dylan. He started off in the early 60s and continued to release a hit every year after that. Over the years, Dylan has reworked his voice and style—from rock to religious and many more.

It isn’t easy to pick out 5 bests from 50 years of best songs, but here they are:

#5 – Blowin’ In the Wind

1It is frequently called Bob’s breakthrough song and has served as a time capsule for the early 90s.

It takes you back to the time of civil rights, Cold War and all the annihilation. The song was released on his second album the next year. A few months after that, President J.F Kennedy was assassinated. This gave the song even more meaning.

#4 – Just Like a Woman

For years, this song has been the target of feminists due to the lyrics and the different choice of words. However, when you listen to it, you realize that at its core, it is simply a sincere love song. Moreover, not many of Dylan’s songs made it to top 40 singles. However, this one made it to no. 33.

#3 – Tangled Up In Blue

This song was released in Dylan’s ‘Blood on the Tracks’ and anyone listening to it can easily translate the anger and depression due to his separation from his wife. The lyrics from this song blend in perfectly with the rest of the album, making the entire album a must-listen.

#2-Desolation Row

Desolate Row depicts Bob Dylan as a casual observer making his way through a land of lost souls. This is an 11-minute closing track on perhaps Dylan’s best album and portrays an apocalyptic scenario with plenty of characters. It is often called as one of his best tracks by fans.

#1-Like a Rolling Stone

Almost six minutes long, this song is quite different than your average top 40s back in ‘65. Bob taking down a mysterious woman in this song with his mind bending lyrics is just fascinating. ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ is regarded as hands down, his best single. It made its way to no. 2 and dramatically influenced generations of songwriters and singers.

Bob Dylan has always been an inspiration for me. I have covered many of his songs, some of which you can check out on my YouTube page. Feel free to drop off your feedback!

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