5 Classic Cover Songs That Are Better Than The Originals

1It might be hard to accept that someone else can perform a Bob Dylan song better than Bob himself.

In this blog I discuss 5 of my favorite classic cover songs that turned out to be way better than the original itself.

But it is not just about Bob Dylan, others like David Bowie also witnessed songs they took days to write being recorded and performed in distinctive styles by others.

It certainly is a challenge to take on someone else’s song and whip up a masterpiece, but here are a few that hit the nail right on the head:

Black Magic Woman by Santana

If you have heard Santana’s version of Black Magic Women, you will notice that it is worlds apart from the original performed by Fleet wood Mac in 1968.

While both the songs feature smoky vocals and absolutely mesmerizing guitar work, Gregg Rolio sang the Santana remake and made it more special.

All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix

Have you head Bob Dylan’s 1967 album, ‘John Wesley Harding’? You might know that ‘All along the watchtower’ was actually the anchor of this album.

But listen to the Jimi Hendrix version, and you will see that he takes it to a completely different level. It was stranger and tougher than the original and a complete psychedelic experience.

Downtown Train by Rod Stewart

Originally performed by Tom Waits, ‘Downtown train’ was the highlight of one of this best albums, ‘Rain Dogs’. But many argued that Wait’s rough voice is too coarse to express the sentiments in this song. This is why Rod Stewart, who is known for his soft voice came up with his own cover of ‘Downtown train’ which stayed among the top 3 hits of its times.

The Man Who Sold The World by Nirvana

2Originally performed by David Bowie, it was only until Nirvana’s cover of ‘The man who sold the world’ that people realized Bowie was actually quite shattered when performing this one.

Nirvana brings a sharp edge of rock to this song and complements it with the right emotions.

Without You by Nilsson

Badfinger wrote this song following their massive hit ‘No matter what’ and things didn’t really go as planned. The next year, Nilsson, an amazing singer and songwriter took up the challenge and took the song to number one in merely four weeks.

There you go; some covers that were globally acclaimed to be better than the originals. If you are looking for some inspiration, stay updated with my YouTube page and check out my covers. Feel free to drop in your feedback!

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