Some Of My Covers I Really Enjoyed!

I love doing covers! As a renowned light blues and folk music artist in Nevada, I have been living my dream of being a musician for the past few years.

However, covering originals isn’t easy. It is actually more challenging than writing a song from scratch. Why do you ask? For starters, the cover song needs to be accepted as better than the original. Secondly, figuring out what actually makes it better is the hard part.   Continue reading “Some Of My Covers I Really Enjoyed!”

5 Classic Cover Songs That Are Better Than The Originals

1It might be hard to accept that someone else can perform a Bob Dylan song better than Bob himself.

In this blog I discuss 5 of my favorite classic cover songs that turned out to be way better than the original itself.

But it is not just about Bob Dylan, others like David Bowie also witnessed songs they took days to write being recorded and performed in distinctive styles by others. Continue reading “5 Classic Cover Songs That Are Better Than The Originals”

5 Great Bob Dylan Songs You Should Listen!

Not many artists have been as successful or significant as Bob Dylan. He started off in the early 60s and continued to release a hit every year after that. Over the years, Dylan has reworked his voice and style—from rock to religious and many more.

It isn’t easy to pick out 5 bests from 50 years of best songs, but here they are: Continue reading “5 Great Bob Dylan Songs You Should Listen!”